Annadhanam :
"The Best Donation is Food Donation one Who Gives food,gives Life."
The temple implements the Honourable Tamilnadu Cheif Minister's "Food Donation " 50 persons are provided Food Daily. Person Willing to provide "Food donation" in their name can give it by pay Rs 1000/- per day. Or can pay Rs.20,000/- as fixed deposit and with its interest can provide 'food donation'.
Dasamahaa vidya homam :
‘Dasa Maha Vidyas’ are the ten Wisdom Goddesses, who are considered the epitome of wisdom and represent knowledge in all forms. Performing a homa, dedicated to all the ten forms of the Supreme Goddess Shakti allows you to worship the strongest and fiercest aspects of the Divine Mother. Dasa Maha Vidya Homa is a unique ritual, which can open up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. By performing this homa, you can achieve unprecedented levels of success and perform herculean tasks, which were hitherto unthinkable and out of reach.
Rudhra Homam :
Rudra Homa is dedicated to Lord Rudra as the chief archetype who is a form of Shiva, one of the three Gods in the Holy Trinity of Hinduism. In the Rig Veda, Lord Rudra is celebrated as “the mightiest of the mighty.” Performing this ritual invoking Lord Rudra can dissolve fear and worry and give protection. The ceremony harnesses the tremendous positive energy of Rudra and can bring you the blessing of spiritual empowerment and worldly pleasures.
Free Marriage :
Free marriages are conducted for the poor and Adi Dravida people at an estimated expenditure per couple from the temple funds.


Invitation from Kalabhairavar Temple

Korampallam, Thoothukudi.

 Thai Amavasai Pooja
 Aadi Amavasai Pooja
 Mahalaya Amavasai Pooja
 Theipirai Ashtami Pooja
 Mahadeva Ashtami Pooja
 Chitra Pournami Pooja
 Pournami Pooja
 Amavasai Pooja
 Tuesday Special Pooja
 Friday Special Pooja
 Maha Annadanam
 Arul Vakku ( Kuri )
 Varalakshmi Viradam
 Sri Siddhar Avathara Thirunal
 Maha Sivarathri Pooja

Worship Time :

Morning - 06.00 to Evening - 09.00

Special Worship Time :

Morning - 11.00am - Anointing

Afternoon - 12.00pm - Yaham

Afternoon - 01.30pm - Deeparadhana

Afternoon - 02.00pm - Annadanam

Homam & Yaham


Prathyangiraa Devi Yaham

Daily Yaham - Afternoon - 12.00pm


Dasamahaa vidya homam

Rudhra Homam

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